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Drawing by M. Yeung

Imagination by M. Yeung

Growing up, I had always had a passion for drawing.  The Vancouver Draw Down that is currently running an online daily drawing campaign has inspired me to draw again.  I have put that side of my creativity away for so long and did not realize how much I had missed it until now.  The Vancouver Draw Down  will be happening on June 15th this month throughout the Lower Mainland.  Different community drawing workshops will be held at various Community Centres – bringing people together to create a large community piece of art.  I encourage people to participate.  I believe that anyone has the ability to draw.  It doesn’t have to be spectacular.  It is just a way to express yourself and be free. Sometimes it is just an exercise to record your memories of a place, or a favourite route you use to take to school. See the Draw Down’s 10 Day Challenge, and try it out for yourself!

Vancouver Draw Down (Daily online)



Day 1 Daily Drawing Project

5 Min: Reclaim & draw! Sad nailpolish? Old ketchup in fridge? Draw any object in blue box using an unlikely art supply. 15 min: Draw a blue box still life! Scale objects u draw based on recyclability-is paper or plastic a greener choice?

Day 2 Daily Drawing Project

5 min: Scavenge an old road map and use it as a drawing surface to draw memories from a trip or vacation 15 min: Draw a route you used to walk or bike as a child. Include good stuff – best childhood memories?

Day 3 Daily Drawing Project

5 min: Clean is creative! Sprinkle a line drawing of baking soda in your sink. Activate with vinegar. 15 min: Draw outdoors on sand/soil/sidewalk/lawn using natural materials as art supplies

Day 4 Daily Drawing Project

5 min: Find pics of 3 everyday useful things. Tear up & swap parts to collage NEW ‘tools of absurdity. 15 min: DRAW 3 everyday tools. Tear up & swap parts to collage NEW ‘tools of absurdity

Day 5 Daily Drawing Project- Convert

5 min:Make a drawing surface from envelopes in blue box. Draw enlarged marks and logos from envelopes themselves. 15 min: Connect 4 labels found in your blue box in 1 continuous line drawing

Day 6 Daily Drawing Project- Reflection

5 min: Draw with a stick in sand, mimicking tides and ripple patterns of water. 15 min: Observe a water droplet on your window. Draw its reflection of the outside world.

Day 7 Daily Drawing Project- Reduce Your Carbon Footpring

5 min: Spread used coffee grounds/tea leaves over a full page. Make a ‘reductive’ drawing w/ foot or shoe print SQUISH 15 min: Cover a page with an even base of charcoal or pencil. Make a drawing by erasing white lines and shapes

Day 8 Daily Drawing Project

5 min: Transform a tetra pack: cut off top, bottom & slit sides to make a silver flat drawing surface. Now draw! 15 min: Plastic bottles become fleecies! Draw an item in your blue box & how it will be recycled. Unsure? GOOGLE IT

Day 9 Daily Drawing Project- Salvage

5 min: Gather ‘windows’ from envelopes in the blue box. Make a layered drawing stapled together 15 min: Draw a salvaged object of discard, inventively turn it into something new w/ a different use

Day 10 Daily Drawing Project- Get to know your environment

5 min: Gather ‘windows’ from envelopes in the blue box. Make a layered drawing stapled together 15 min: Draw a salvaged object of discard, inventively turn it into something new w/ a different use

See also the following link for the schedule of the June 15th event:



My drawings below from back in the day:

Since I was a young girl, I loved to draw.  My favourite things to draw were inspired from nature.  I absolutely loved animals, and at one point I even wanted to become a veterinarian or biological illustrator!  I continue my admiration for nature by taking photos.  I haven’t sketched animals since I turned to the dark side of architecture.  I pursued a career with the drawing skill that I had, but that moved towards more of a digitally assisted way of drawing and rendering designs.  I miss those day of just picking up a pencil and drawing freely on a piece of paper.  My daughter is such an inspiration.  I only hope that I can free up my drawing hands from the restrictive linear lines to something that is fluid and comes from the heart. Here are some old drawings I did during grade school.  Enjoy!



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