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This series of Archi Kids projects by Happy Heart Creative Studio is focussed on learning about Architecture and the living environment for children through arts and craft exercises. Check back later for DIY Archi Kids projects about Architecture. The following are an architecture workshop that I observed and was a guest design reviewer at Moscrop Secondary School in 2009 as part of the volunteer work I did for the AIBC Architecture in Schools program.  This reminded me of the drafting class I took during highschool, where we had to design our own home and build a model of it.  Nowadays, drafting programs have moved towards more innovative design programs about architecture and sustainability. Highschool classes also now offer advanced drafting programs, such as Goodle Sketchup, AutoCAD, and Vectorworks which allows students to model their design in 3D.

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Details about this design project:

Professor Mark Vance, Moscrop Secondary School

King Edward Bay Cabin Design Project (grades 9 – 11)

“Term 3 began with a photo presentation from a waterfront property in King Edward Bay development on Bowen Island.  Each student was then challenged to design a cabin for the property which met the following parameters:

  • Main floor: 700 SF
  • Optional second floor: 350 SF
  • Exterior Deck space: 500 SF

The work flow plan was to design the cabin using Google Sketchup, produce working drawings using AutoCAD, and then build a white model using foam core.  When the students started designing with Sketchup, few of them had used the software, so there was a steep learning curve.  To conclude the design stage, each student output elevation and plan drawings from Sketchup to consider when working in AutoCAD. Three or four weeks into the project, the class began their working drawings in AutoCAD.  Prior to the beginning of January, only two students had any experience at all with the software.  They learned a great deal about the program as they worked on their drawings. As the last month of school approached, it became apparent that the original plan to have everyone build a model was perhaps somewhat ambitious.  We made two modifications to the original assignment in order that they might still successfully realize the goal of bringing their ideas to life:

1. They were allowed to work in groups of two or three, choosing to forward the design of one of the group members.

2. They were allowed to choose between building a model and doing a presentation board.

Despite these changes, the project was still successful in the end, as the original goals of the assignment were met. They were:

  • To provide an opportunity to design a building
  • To further develop their CAD software abilities
  • To develop a design idea into a formal presentation”

If you would like more information about this program, contact Mark at:

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