Spiderman Birthday


It was a wonderful surprise for Jahan and his friends.  Being the SuperMom that she is, my friend Kamal had planned a surprise visit from Spiderman.  Not only a party planner and decor extraordinare, Jahan’s Mom paid extra attention to details from mask-making craft table, photo booth area where kids had super hero props, and a very exciting birthday session with Spiderman.  He surpised everyone with his “spidey moves”.  Demonstrating his super power and trained the kids how to bend steel, break chains, do Spiderman moves, use their spidey senses, and how to capture thir enemies with spiderwebs.

I had the privilege of taking photographs of the event and setting up some fancy lighting to capture all the fun moments. The set up was fairly simple to provide enough light to make sure there was enough light to create bright and vibrant photos in an interior party room.  There was some natural lighting from the windows, but not sufficient enough lighting for where all the activities were happening. There wasn’t too much equipment to set up.  Just a 48 inch softbox support on a c-stand, and a shoot through umbrella on a small light stand. All lighting was sycronized with my Nikon Speedlight system. When the kids where running around with Spiderman, I had a large speedlight on my camera to provide enough light for the action shots!


See gallery below for some snapshots of the super Spiderman birthday.

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Spiderman Birthday

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